Trail LinQ 1 + 1 Seat with Backrest


Product Code: 860202347
  • Give yourself the gift of versatility with this Snowmobile 1+1 System, which allows you to quickly add a passenger seat whenever you need it, and remove it when you don’t. Change the configuration of your sled quickly without any tools, and move between 1-up and 2-up riding, with ergonomically set positions for both driver and passenger. Choose solo rides or take someone with you without compromising on your level of comfort.

  • The ultimate in modular seating. Allows quick changes between 1-up and 2-up riding. Ergonomically correct positions for driver and passenger. Two easy tool-less steps: 1- Clip in seat. 2- Add LinQ 1 + 1 Backrest.

    REV-XM, XS, XP, XR (except GTX, Grand Touring), XU Tundra