Auxiliary LED Light


Product Code: 860202429
  • Light up every deep-snow adventure with our snowmobile Auxiliary LED Light. Fold it to turn it off when you’re done riding. This snowmobile light is perfect for the extended few hours on the snow. Use it when you leave early and come back late. This light is made for the Summit and Freeride sleds.

  • Riser mounted adjustable auxiliary light for deep snow sleds. Provides 1375 extra lumens of light. Weighs 540 grams. Flips up when needed and folds down out of the way when not in use to avoid damage. Integrated switch automatically shuts light off when folded down. Operates with the high beam switch. Compatible only with ultra low windshield on Rev Gen4 and REV Gen5. Compatible with Forward Adjustable Riser (860201320). Required Harness (515179306) on REV Gen4 Summit, Freeride and Backcountry X-RS and Neo. Not compatible with Glovebox Extensions 860202072 and 860201249 on REV Gen4. Not compatible with Glovebox Extension 860202501 on REV Gen5.

    REV Gen5 (Deep Snow), Neo, REV Gen4 Summit, Freeride and Backcountry X-RS