tMotion Adjustable Limiter Strap


Product Code: 860202439
  • Our tMotion Adjustable Limiter Strap is the snowmobile suspension strap you need. Quickly adapt the length by flipping a lever for a better fit depending on the conditions and terrain where you ride.

  • Quickly change limiter strap length by flipping a lever, to tune ride and handling to snow conditions and terrain. Shortening keeps the front end lower and improves track approach angle. Longer increases transfer and lifts the front end higher. Adjustment is equivalent to 2 holes on a conventional strap (1.3”/34 mm). Slim, non-intrusive design. 2 initial settings to choose from: holes 3 to 5 or 2 to 4 (compared to conventional strap hole positions). US patent 9022156.

    REV Gen5 (Deep Snow)